tobacco-free campus

SAR Project | 2013

Tobacco-Free Campus

In conjunction with UCLA’s new tobacco-free policy, the team focused on creating and structuring a research study and media campaign for several Earth Day events. The overall objective of the team’s research was to analyze the change in tobacco use before and after the implementation of the ban. The research segment of the project focused on cigarette butt collection, air quality tests, and a visual count of smokers around designated hotspot areas on campus. For the awareness campaign, the team compiled a film that featured hundreds of pictures of UCLA students and faculty promoting the upcoming policy change. The team also created a project website and Facebook page to inform the general public about our work.

Stakeholder:  Dr. Linda Sarna

Leaders:  Adam Rabb, Tiffany Tran

Members:  Kim Bowen, Emily Parker, Emilio Ronquillo, Michelle Yu

Final Report