health waste team

SAR Project | 2024

UCLA Health Waste Pilot Program

We are the Health Waste team for the 2023-2024 school year and are dedicated to researching the impacts of implementing a centralized waste system for non-medical waste in non-clinical areas of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. This initiative seeks to optimize waste diversion practices, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

UCLA currently employs centralized waste systems across campus that encourages people to sort waste into seperate recycling, landfill and compost bins. Our goal is to provide recommendations based on gathered data to support the implementation of a centralized waste system, contributing to a greener and more sustainable Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Our research involves a comprehensive analysis of the current waste management system in these areas. We will assess the types and volumes of non-medical waste generated, as well as existing disposal methods through audits and behavioral studies among other methods. Through this, we aim to identify opportunities for improvement and the potential benefits of a centralized system.

Stakeholder: Noah Bidna, UCLA Sustainability Analyst for UCLA Health

Team Leaders: Audrey Jason, Kate Ma

Team Members: Campbell Baker, Max Hause, Pam Nelson, Katelynn Situ, Tina Su