mobilizing the transformative power of wham: overcoming obstacles to integrated infrastructure investments in los angeles county
A vision plan for multiple benefits from WHAM at DeForest Park in Long Beach. Photo courtesy of the City of Long Beach.

Research Project | 2021

Mobilizing the Transformative Power of WHAM: Overcoming Obstacles to Integrated Infrastructure Investments in Los Angeles County

With support from voters, Los Angeles County is investing billions of dollars from Measures W, H, A, and M in clean, safe water, housing and homeless services, parks and open space, transportation, and climate resilience. These projects have the potential to transform our quality of life in Los Angeles County. The Board of Supervisors created a WHAM Taskforce to ensure that the agencies implementing these measures collaborate on multi-benefit projects to uplift communities hardest hit by Covid-19 and build resilience equitably across the county. Early on, these efforts hit roadblocks that we identify in this report by Jon Christensen and Michele Prichard. To realize the goals declared by the Board, we also make a set of recommendations for the Board and the philanthropic community. 

Download the report here.