SAR Project | 2024

Zero Waste Communication

We are the Zero Waste Communication team for the 2023-2024 school year. This year we are focusing on evaluating and piloting waste sorting signage in Ackerman Student Union. To do so we are performing visual waste audits in Ackerman and Court of Sciences before and after installing new waste-sorting signage. These signs will be informed by a focus group conducted with members of UCLA’s campus.

At UCLA, waste signage plays a crucial role in guiding students to sort their waste correctly, and visible near various locations where waste bins are found across the campus. However, there remain areas where these signs could be enhanced to further streamline waste sorting efforts. Strengthening the clarity and visibility of these signs could significantly contribute to improving waste management on campus.

To enhance the UCLA community’s awareness of waste sorting practices and refine communication methods, a focus group will serve to identify current shortcomings in the current signage. This will be complemented by a comprehensive waste audit to provide valuable insights. Following these assessments, a pilot signage program will be implemented. Our aim is to bolster the clarity and effectiveness of our signage, empowering students to make informed waste sorting decisions. By doing so, we aspire to divert a significant portion of waste from landfills, aligning with UCLA’s zero waste objectives.

Stakeholder: Jade Goegebuer, Zero Waste Manager Jennifer Friedman, Communications Manager

Team Leaders: Azura Haley, Gabrielle Biederman

Team Members: Maggie Chapin, Sophie Crivier, Rhea Jain, V Malian, Anysia Acosta