Alternative Energy and Biodiversity

A U.S. Department of Energy Funded Project to Understand the Demographic Impacts of Solar Energy Sites on Migratory Bird Populations Increased solar energy production is a critical element of efforts to limit anthropogenic climate change, however those same solar facilities may pose a risk to individual birds that migrate past them. While there are known...

carbon sequestration through compost

Carbon sequestration through compost

California is an agricultural powerhouse, producing nearly half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables. However, this high level of production is not without its trade-offs. Rigorous cultivation has led to overworked and degraded soils, unhealthy air quality, excessive water usage, and, despite California’s role as an innovator in progressive climate policy, massive carbon emissions from...

corporate sustainability metrics

Corporate Sustainability Metrics

Firms play an important role in the well-being of their communities. From determining the compensation, working conditions, health coverage, and training of workers, to the environmental impact of their operations on the community, and provision of public good via the taxes levied by public authorities, business organizations have a critical impact on people’s and society’s...

impacts of oil and gas development on native communities in new mexico

Impacts of oil and gas development on native communities in New Mexico

The Greater Chaco Region of Northwest New Mexico, loosely defined as an 8,000 mi2 area around Chaco Canyon National Historical Park in the northwest corner of New Mexico, has been home to the rich cultures of many Indigenous Nations for thousands of years. The area, recognized as a World Heritage Site, is currently home to...

novel approaches and policies for sustainable transportation

Novel approaches and policies for sustainable transportation

By 2050, the phrase “the motor of the economy” might be more apt than “the engine of the economy.” For now, however, the conventional wisdom[1] on electric vehicles is that batteries are costly, people worry about running out of charge during occasional long trips, and that they are naturally impractical for regular heavy users such...

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