sar transportation team

Assessing Emerging Active Transportation Options at UCLA

Pictured above, left to right: Kyle Willenborg, Anna Weir, Brooke Shimasaki (Team Leader), Natalie Gonzalez, and Madeline Jordan (Team Leader)   SAR Transportation Team: Assessing Emerging Active Transportation Options at UCLA   Project Description:   Electric scooters are one of the newest forms of sustainable transportation at UCLA. While they allow students to move efficiently...

using drones to monitor sulphur emissions by ships

UAV-Based Gas Sensor Systems Help Control Air Pollution From Ocean-Going Vessels

Ships burn thick oil known as residual fuel. Residual fuel comes from the bottom of barrel and is the leftover black liquid from gasoline and diesel. This highly toxic substance has caused more than 60,000 premature deaths because it contains high concentrations of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon. The fuel is hazardous to the coastal environment...

coupling community knowledge with big data tools to facilitate equitable energy transitions

Coupling Community Knowledge with Big Data Tools to Facilitate Equitable Energy Transitions

Building on work conducted under a California Energy Commission grant, data on building energy use, rooftop solar potential, grid capacity, and socio-demographics will be integrated to assess the potential for low income and disadvantaged communities in Los Angeles county to support climate smart transitions, including vehicle electrification, solar generation (rooftop or community-scale), storage, and appliance...



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