Life in the L.A. River

With the imminent revitalization of the L.A. River, the city’s landscape is about to transform. But how will the restoration project impact life in and around the river?

Long-distance Movements and Resource Use by Hornbills in Cameroon

The recent discovery by UCLA Center for Tropical Research (CTR) scientists that the large-bodied frugivorous hornbills (Ceratogymna sp., Fig. 1) of Central Africa make long-distance movements (Fig. 2) highlights their potential as important seed dispersers that help maintain the incredible tree diversity found in the Congo basin. Until the discovery that their abundance in particular...

Managing Sea Level Rise in Coastal Wetlands

Coastal wetlands are among the most vulnerable ecosystems on the planet. Pressured in many cases by human development from the land, they also now face pressures due to sea level rise from climate change. We are investigating potential solutions to this problem to understand and inform protection of the marshes and the many unique species...

Mapping Evolutionary Processes Under Climate Change

The Partnership for International Research and Education project seeks to develop an integrated framework for conserving central African biodiversity under climate change that is both evolutionary-informed and grounded in the socioeconomic constraints of the region.