urban biodiversity: cultures, stories, taxonomies

Urban Biodiversity: Cultures, Stories, Taxonomies

Cities have recently begun to attract the attention of ecologists and biologists as ecosystems whose functioning is not as yet well understood. Urban ecosystems combine ecological processes with social practices and technological structures whose analysis requires a combination of disciplinary tools and concepts from biology, ecology, sociology, cultural studies, and urban studies (including architecture, design,...

biodiversity survey of manicured and non-manicured areas of ucla

Biodiversity survey of manicured and non-manicured areas of UCLA

The 2015 Biodiversity Action Research Team indexed the biodiversity of flora and fauna between manicured and non-manicured regions of campus. The data helped indicated what ecosystem is more beneficial for the campus in terms of attracting a greater diversity of fauna. The project also compared the water use between these regions with a culminating goal of...

ecological and environmental effects of turf replacement in southern california

Ecological and Environmental Effects of Turf Replacement in Southern California

Pilot Study of the Ecological and Environmental Effects of Metropolitan’s Turf Replacement Program Study Objectives The principal objectives of this study are to identify and, to the extent possible, to quantity the ecological and environmental effects of Metropolitan’s Turf Replacement Program, as implemented between 2009 and 2015, on participant’s landscapes, neighborhoods and the Los Angeles...

meow! a cat discussion

Meow! A Cat Discussion

New studies indicate that cats have a negative impact on native biodiversity and are a threat to human health. So what’s a cat lover to do?