the impact of hydromulch on native and non-native species in a post-fire recovery period within los angeles’ griffith park

The Impact of Hydromulch on Native and Non-native Species in a Post-Fire Recovery Period within Los Angeles’ Griffith Park

Students: Bailey Blosser and Joelle Jahng Advisor: Hartmut Walter Final Report (PDF) Non-native plant growth after a fire is often a common characteristic associated with a fire-adapted plant community. The relationship between native and non-native plant growth after a fire and the application of erosion-control measures such as hydromulch is not well understood. In this paper,...

port-related diesel truck traffic and environmental justice implications

Port-Related Diesel Truck Traffic and Environmental Justice Implications

Students: Dorothy Kieu Le Advisor: Dr. Arthur Winer This study examines the environmental justice implications of port-related diesel truck traffic for the Long Beach/Wilmington Port Area. We directly measured heavy duty diesel truck (HDDT) traffic by videotaping all vehicles at 11 key intersections in the port adjacent communities of Wilmington and Long Beach. We reduced,...

creating a native seed bank for urban restoration in the los angeles basin

Creating a native seed bank for urban restoration in the Los Angeles Basin

Home to more than ten million people, the Los Angeles metropolitan area accommodates one of the largest urban populations in the world. The vast majority of its landscape has been converted to freeways, skyscrapers, and strip malls, resulting in the loss of native vegetation and wildlife which provide valuable ecosystem services that maintain the landscape...

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