La Kretz Postdoctoral Scholars: 2018 Call for Applications

The UCLA La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science invites applications for its annual Postdoctoral Fellowship in California Conservation Science. Consistent with our mission, we seek one or two postdoctoral scholars who simultaneously conduct innovative research and interface with the conservation and management agencies that direct and lead California conservation. For our 2018 competition, we...

Susan Perry and monkeys

Lomas Barbudal Monkey Project

The Lomas Barbudal Monkey Project was founded in 1990 by Susan Perry, with the help of Joseph Manson and Julie Gros-Louis, for the purpose of studying social intelligence in the white-faced capuchin, Cebus capucinus, and this population has been studied almost continuously ever since. The Lomas Barbudal capuchins have become one of the most intensively...

Pangolin Trafficking Project

This project aims to answer key questions about the natural history and conservation requirements of giant pangolins, one of the world’s most trafficked animals.

Planet Innovation Podcast

Planet Innovation is a monthly podcast about business solutions to solve environmental problems. We bring uplifting conversations with scientists and entrepreneurs who are creating innovative solutions for the planet. This is not another doom and gloom sustainability podcast. From solar clothing to lab-based meat, we discuss how science and entrepreneurship can save the earth. Season...