food eco-labels

Food Eco-labels

Our research seeks to understand how emotions play a role in the purchasing of green products.  We considered four eco-labels that are found on meat products, and paired them with different visual stimuli to see how consumers’ willingness to purchase these products changed.  Each of the labels offers different human and environmental health benefits, ranging...

increasing the beneficial use of organic waste in california

Increasing the Beneficial use of Organic Waste in California

Background California’s dairy industry has a long and rich history.  It stands today as the largest dairy state with some of the most unique laws and regulations in the country. Our project aims to provide more clear information on sustainable dairy farm processes, advocacy and policy. Policy, climate, culture and size all contribute to the...

eco-labels and quality in wine

Eco-labels and Quality in Wine

Eco-labels are part of a new wave of environmental policy that emphasizes information disclosure as a tool to induce environmentally friendly behavior by both firms and consumers. Little consensus exists as to whether eco-certified products are actually better than their conventional counterparts. This study seeks to understand the link between eco-certification and product quality. We...

sustainable food systems: food waste

Sustainable Food Systems: Food Waste

The 2014 Sustainable Food Systems Team (SFS)  measured food waste in on-campus eateries and educated the UCLA campus about the many linkages between food, waste, water, and climate change. The team worked to revolutionize mentalities held about food and inspire a conscious behavior of sustainable practices through their educational outreach about their finds. Their goal...

seed networks

Seed Networks

This ongoing project catalogues the many stories in circulation today about patented, transgenic seeds as well as the apparent alternative of open source, public seed collections. By “stories,” the project means not only novels, science writing, documentary film, and so on but also the narratives inherent in visual images, maps, models, social media feeds, and...

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