community outreach

Community Outreach

Our community outreach includes visiting schools, hosting groups for tours, mentorship, and research experience for high school students and teachers and members of the public.

managing sea level rise in coastal wetlands

Managing Sea Level Rise in Coastal Wetlands

Coastal wetlands are among the most vulnerable ecosystems on the planet. Pressured in many cases by human development from the land, they also now face pressures due to sea level rise from climate change. We are investigating potential solutions to this problem to understand and inform protection of the marshes and the many unique species...

modeling oceanic hypoxia and acidification in the california current system

Modeling Oceanic Hypoxia and Acidification in the California Current System

The following scientific questions will be addressed: (1) How do the cycles of carbon, oxygen, and nutrients function in the CCS in the presence of large-scale natural variability and anthropogenic CO2 inputs and climate changes? (2) How much do local inputs of nutrients and CO2 contribute to altered oceanic primary productivity and OHA? (3) How...

usc sea grant project: expansion of oxygen deficiency in the santa monica basin?

USC Sea Grant Project: Expansion of oxygen deficiency in the Santa Monica Basin?

Principal Investigators: Will Berelson (University of Southern California) and Tina Treude (University of California, Los Angeles) The ocean is warming, as is the planet, and one consequence, direct or indirect, is a redistribution of oxygen and a decline in oxygen across many regions. The Southern California Bight region has been experiencing a decline in water...

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