air quality reports

Air Quality Reports

Wondering what's in the air you breath? How does it affect your health? Find the answers to those questions and more here. The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability produces reports on different aspects of air quality in Los Angeles, such as particulate matter, toxic pollutants and public health impacts.

assessing groundwater contamination in maywood, california

Assessing Groundwater Contamination in Maywood, California

The City of Maywood is a small, under-represented community in the heavily industrialized port “Gateway” area of Los Angeles. The residents, more than 26 percent of whom live below the poverty line, rely on groundwater for their water supply that is tainted by manganese, trichloroethylene (TCE), and lead—frequently causing tap water to be brown, bitter...

avian influenza virus in north american migratory birds

Avian Influenza Virus in North American Migratory Birds

Overview The UCLA Center for Tropical Research (CTR) is at the forefront of research and surveillance of avian influenza virus (bird flu or avian flu) in wild birds. CTR has led avian influenza virus (AIV) surveys of migratory land birds in both North America and Central Africa. Recently, CTR was awarded a four-year project from...

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