action research team: hospital sustainability

Action Research Team: Hospital Sustainability

The 2014 Hospital Sustainability Team focused efforts on three main sustainability projects for the UCLA Health System: assessing the sustainability of the food system, assisting with the Earth Day Fair at Ronald Reagan Medical Center (RRMC), and improving educational initiatives through an online module for new hospital staff.

hospital sustainability

Hospital Sustainability

The 2013 Hospital Team focused on two buildings, the Ronald Reagan Medical Center (RRMC) and the Medical Plaza in Westwood. Through the collection of original data and analysis, the team were able to carry out three objectives: assess the possibility of energy efficient appliances in hospital restrooms, aid in the planning of the first Earth Day Fair held...

tobacco-free campus

Tobacco-Free Campus

In conjunction with UCLA’s new tobacco-free policy, the team focused on creating and structuring a research study and media campaign for several Earth Day events. The overall objective of the team’s research was to analyze the change in tobacco use before and after the implementation of the ban. The research segment of the project focused on cigarette butt...