ucla la kretz center to lead $10 million california conservation project

UCLA La Kretz Center to lead $10 million California conservation project in state-funded initiative that will provide officials with scientific basis for confronting climate change

“This project has the potential to revolutionize how we manage our land,” said Bradley Shaffer, who leads the project and is a UCLA distinguished professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and director of UCLA’s La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science. “We will apply state-of-the-art techniques to California’s most pressing conservation problems and provide government agencies with the best...

usc sea grant project: expansion of oxygen deficiency in the santa monica basin?

USC Sea Grant Project: Expansion of oxygen deficiency in the Santa Monica Basin?

Principal Investigators: Will Berelson (University of Southern California) and Tina Treude (University of California, Los Angeles) The ocean is warming, as is the planet, and one consequence, direct or indirect, is a redistribution of oxygen and a decline in oxygen across many regions. The Southern California Bight region has been experiencing a decline in water...