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Sustainable Practices in the California Wine Industry: Analyzing the Motivations of Winemakers and Grape Growers

Students: Yousef Anvery, Sachin Goel, Shilpa Hareesh, John Hogan, Antonio Menchaca, Roxana Ramirez Advisor: Prof. Magali Delmas This research project seeks to better understand the motivations and barriers for pursuing sustainable practices and certifications in the California wine industry. Despite the existence of many certification programs, the rate of adoption of these programs is low....

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Effects of Hydromulch on Post-Fire Seed Germination

Students: Caroline Evans, Angel Kwok, and Sarah Maquindang Final Report One of Southern California’s latest fires occurred on May 8, 2007 at Griffith Park, the largest municipal park in the United States located in Los Angeles. In order to increase slope stability and protect homes, the city aerially applied hydromulch to over half of the...

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Fire-Induced Water-Repellent Soil Layers in Non-Hydromulched Areas of Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

Students: David Kunugi and Aya Satoh Final Report Questions: Have water-repellent soil layers discouraged pioneer species from successfully revegetating Griffith Park? How do the levels of water repellency vary among minimally burned, partially burned, and severely burned sites? Location: United States, California, Los Angeles, Griffith Park (Latitude: 34.125°; Longitude: 118.302°) Methods: Sites were classified as...

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