Community Scale Solar & Energy Resilience in California’s Disadvantaged Communities

CCSC Staff

Executive Summary
This paper identifies a set of recommended changes to California’s community solar
programs and related regulations to advance a just energy transition for low-income,
disadvantaged, and vulnerable communities.
Recommendations include:
● Direct funding for community-based organizations (CBOs) to lead planning and
● Expanded funding for community solar installations
● Establishment of construction targets for community solar based on spatial
analysis of low-income and renter households in disadvantaged communities,
accounting for future electrification of appliances and vehicles
● Development of a statewide mapping tool to facilitate CBOs and local
governments in citing community solar
● Greater access to grid data to support project siting and prioritize distribution
infrastructure investments
● A change to CPUC rules to permit solar installations to function as both
community solar and microgrid resilience centers, as the most economical way
to provide both these essential services, particularly in urban areas
● The addition of high heat as a resiliency category for SGIP

Working Paper | 2022

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