Natural Gas Use in L.A. County: Analysis from the L.A. Energy Atlas


The shutdown of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility has threatened the reliability of energy supplies in Southern California. Reducing natural gas demands, especially during peak periods of summer and winter use, is critically important to preserve uninterrupted electricity and natural gas services throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan region. In winter, natural gas consumption in buildings goes to heat homes and hot water, while in summer, natural gas importantly supplies small power plants brought online to meet peak demands during the hottest hours of a day. A technical assessment group comprised of utility and government experts assessed that without use of the Aliso Canyon storage facility, Los Angeles could face up to 14 days of service interruptions during the summer corresponding with peak loads. Moreover, if remaining natural gas reserves in Aliso Canyon are used to meet summer peak demands but service is not restored, winter shortages are projected to still occur.

Other | 2016

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