Pathogenic Leptospira are widespread in the urban wildlife of southern California

S.K., Helman, A.F.N., Tokuyama, R.O., Mummah, N.E., Stone, M.W., Gamble, C.E., Snedden, B., Borremans, A.C.R., Gomez, C., Cox, J., Nussbaum, I., Tweedt, D.A., Haake, R.L., Galloway, J., Monzón, S.P.D., Riley, J.A., Sikich, J., Brown, A., Friscia, J.W., Sahl, D.M., Wagner, J.W., Lynch, K.C., Prager, J.O., Lloyd-Smith

Published Work | 2023 | Scientific Reports

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