Wily Ecologies: Comic Futures for American Environmentalism

Allison Carruth

Published Work | 2017 | American Literary History

Real-time direct detection of silica scaling on RO membranes

J Thompson, A Rahardianto, S Kim, M Bilal, R Breckenridge, Y Cohen

Published Work | 2017 | Journal of Membrane Science

Ultrafiltration with self-generated RO concentrate pulse backwash in a novel integrated seawater desalination UF-RO system

H Gu, A Rahardianto, LX Gao, PD Christofides, Y Cohen

Published Work | 2016 | Journal of Membrane Science

An Integrated approach for characterization of polyamide reverse osmosis membrane degradation due to exposure to free chlorine

S Surawanvijit, A Rahardianto, Y Cohen

Published Work | 2016 | Journal of Membrane Science

Performance and Economic Evaluation of a Modular Vertical-Flow Wetland for Onsite Residential Bathroom Graywater Treatment

ZLT Yu, A Rahardianto, MK Stenstrom, Y Cohen

Published Work | 2016 | Journal - American Water Works Association

Novel design and operational control of integrated ultrafiltration — Reverse osmosis system with RO concentrate backwash

LX Gao, A Rahardianto, H Gu, PD Christofides, Y Cohen

Published Work | 2016 | Desalination

Open Source Foodways: Agricultural Commons and Participatory Art

Allison Carruth

Published Work | 2016 | ASAP Journal

Pulsed marker method for real-time detection of reverse osmosis membrane integrity loss

S Surawanvijit, J Thompson, A Rahardianto, V Frenkel, Y Cohen

Published Work | 2015 | Desalination

What can we learn from high-frequency appliance-level energy metering? Results from a field experiment

V. Chen, M. Delmas, W. Kaiser, S. Locke

Published Work | 2014 | Energy Title

The Digital Cloud

Allison Carruth

Published Work | 2014 | Public Culture

Biodiesel Fuel

Report Card | 2011

Promoting Green Innovation

Peter Sinsheimer

Report Card | 2010