Cities as Novel Biomes: Recognizing Urban Ecosystem Services as Anthropogenic

Pincetl S.

Published Work | 2015 | Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Water Management in Los Angeles County: a Research Report

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2015 Environmental Report Card for Los Angeles County

Mark Gold, Felicia Federico, Stephanie Pincetl

Report Card | 2015

Confronting Standards and Nomenclature in Spatial Data Infrastructures: A Case Study of Urban Los Angeles County Geospatial Water Management Data

M. Cope, S. Pincetl

Published Work | 2014 | International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research

A Brief History of Public Art and the L.A. River

Allison Carruth

Published Work | 2014

Los Angeles County and Orange County Beach Water Quality: A Re-Evaluation of the 3-Day Rule

M. Alvarado, K. Alvarez, M. Anderson, A. Arnold, S. Lomonico, J. Slater, L. Tsukayama

Progress Report | 2013

Health and the Built Environment

R. Jackson

Report Card | 2011

Air Pollutant Exposure

Arthur M. Winer

Report Card | 2004

Air Pollution

Suzanne E. Paulson

Report Card | 2003

Particulate Air Pollution

William C. Hinds

Report Card | 2001

Southern Californian Environmental Report Card 2000

Arthur M.Winer, Richard Berk, Richard P.Turco

Report Card | 2000

Southern Californian Environmental Report Card 1999

Richard Berk, Arthur M. Winer, Michael K. Stenstrom

Report Card | 1999

Southern Californian Environmental Report Card 1998

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Report Card | 1998