developing a comprehensive resilience plan for ucla
Pictured above, left to right: Anh-Vy Pham, Sophia Bozone, Tory Coffin, Lea Le Rouzo (Team Leader), David Scolari, and Nicholas Caton (Team Leader)

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Resilience Blog Post: April 26, 2019


Resilience Preps for Big Talk with UCLA Staff and Chats with Students at Earth Day Fair

By:  Lea Le Rouzo, Nicholas Caton, Anh-Vy Pham, Sophia Bozone, Tory Coffin, and David Scolari. 


The Resilience Team has a lot gearing up now that it is the middle of the spring quarter. We have scheduled our first meeting with our stakeholders, Nurit Katz and Arpen Shadkayman, and the future task force during Monday of week 6. In preparation for our meeting, we have contacted additional staff and faculty on campus who we think may be applicable to this team. Additionally, we are in the midst of preparing our presentation for this meeting where we will go over our research and emphasize points of possible improvement within the UCLA system. It’s amazing to see the research we did last quarter is now manifesting itself into a physical multiple-person team that will strive to make UCLA even better than it is already.

On another note, earlier this week was Earth Day! Multiple SAR teams presented their projects to the rest of the UCLA community including ourselves. Using a poster of our Resilience Mind Map (designed by David Scolari and Lea Le Rouzo), we were able to explain to passersby the definition of resilience, the LA Resilience Plan, and how our team took that plan and made it applicable to UCLA. In addition, had our Vulnerability Survey out for people to take so we could gather further data of the community’s knowledge about resilience and vulnerable populations. We were able to gather 61 responses during the tabling event! Meaning the first aid kits that we bought to give out to people who took our survey ran out quickly. However, we are still looking for ways to present our survey to a wider audience to gather even more data. So thank you to anyone who stopped by and took the time to answer our survey!


resilience blog post: april 26, 2019

resilience blog post: april 26, 2019

Image of the many mini first-aid kits we gave away to survey participants during the Earth Day Fair.