sage hill spotlight: alison lipman

Professor Alison Lipman teaches a number of courses at UCLA, including Why Ecology Matters: Science Behind Environmental Issues (EEBIO 18), Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity (LIFESCI 1), and Introduction to Ecology and Behavior (EEBIO 100). Her students use the Sage Hill space for restoration activities, methods, and mapping.

Professor Lipman will continue using the space and is interested in changing the structure of her courses so students collect more official data. She is also interested in tracking annual  overtime for her EEBIO 18 course. Lastly, she may be teaching a California ecosystem course (EEBIO 154) and an ecological restoration course (EEBIO 136)  in the future and is interested in creating Sage Hill restoration project with students.

Photo Credit: Nurit Katz