Lindsay Alma, B.S. 2013

Lindsay combines her interests in ecophysiology, biology, and oceanography in her current work as a Ph.D. student in Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington where studies how shellfish aquaculture is affected by climate change via ocean acidification. The gamut of classes that she took at IoES provided a foundation for the work she is doing. She learned the most completing hands-on projects, such as the IoES capstone practicum that taught her how to build teamwork and management skills. After graduating in 2013 with concentrations in Conservation Biology, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, and Earth and Environmental Science, she held internships with marine labs for the City of Los Angeles and has worked as a Field/Lab tech for NOAA. Her advice for undergraduates? Work in labs and do as many projects as possible to get a better understanding of what fields to pursue.