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Sean Kennedy

Post Doctoral Researcher

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA

Atmospheric scientist Pablo Saide.

Pablo Saide

Assistant Professor

Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Qinghai Guo

Visiting Researcher, IoES

Associate professor, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jenny Aleman Zometa

Jenny Aleman-Zometa

Second Year D.Env. Student

Environmental Science and Engineering


Planet Innovation Podcast

Planet Innovation is a monthly podcast about business solutions to solve environmental problems. We bring uplifting conversations with scientists and entrepreneurs who are creating innovative solutions for the planet. This is not another doom and gloom sustainability podcast. From solar clothing to lab-based meat, we discuss how science and entrepreneurship can save the earth. Season...


Air quality mobile application

Our team at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and UCLA Health invites you to join our Air Quality Research study.  AirForU enables you to gain a better understanding of your local air quality conditions and understand how air quality affects your health. Through this study you can be a part of innovative...

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Metro wants to end free rides for clean-air vehicles in toll lanes

“Most of the population doesn’t know anything about electric vehicles… For them to see signs in the toll lanes that allow these cars, or even to see vehicles in the lane, is beneficial for the state” said J.R. DeShazo, director of UCLA’s Luskin Center for Innovation and member of the IoES faculty to the LA...



Why California is fighting for tough vehicle emissions standards

“We have a history of the auto industry declaring how difficult it is to comply with regulations… Inevitably, it costs less than they say and they’re capable of making changes. These standards drive innovation in the industry,” said Sean Hecht, IoES faculty member, to the Sacramento Bee.



Rolling back fuel economy standards could mean bigger cars — and less progress on climate change

“We see larger cars getting more fuel efficient and regular combustion engines getting more fuel efficient. I don’t think that happens without government regulations,” said IoES faculty member/ UCLA Law Professor Ann Carlson to the Los Angeles Times.