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l.a.’s dry air is a seldom-discussed threat to public health

L.A.’s dry air is a seldom-discussed threat to public health

You’d be wrong. I moved to L.A. from New Orleans in August. There are plenty of differences between the two places, from food to politics. And people in New Orleans have a special glow about them. Some might suggest it’s their legendary zest for life, but it probably has more to do with the humidity—they...

getting a better grip on gas taxes

Getting a better grip on gas taxes

A study of gasoline taxes and subsidies in 157 countries shows global regression, even as a majority of countries made progress. It also offers a benchmark for holding governments accountable in the future.



sean kennedy

Sean Kennedy

Post Doctoral Researcher

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA

ioes welcomes 3 new environmental scientists to ucla

Pablo Saide

Assistant Professor

Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

miriam marlier

Miriam Marlier

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

qinghai guo

Qinghai Guo

Visiting Researcher, IoES

Associate professor, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences


diesel truck emissions in port of los angeles

Diesel truck emissions in Port of Los Angeles

Communities living in proximity to diesel hotspots — such as ports, rail yards, distribution centers and freight roadways — disproportionately bear the negative health impacts associated with diesel exhaust. They are also usually low-income communities populated by historically marginalized and underrepresented groups. Exhaust from diesel engines releases harmful air pollutants and other toxic chemicals. Exposure...

using drones to monitor sulphur emissions by ships

Using drones to monitor sulphur emissions by ships

Ships burn thick oil known as residual fuel. Residual fuel comes from the bottom of barrel and is the leftover black liquid from gasoline and diesel. This highly toxic substance has caused more than 60,000 premature deaths because it contains high concentrations of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon. The fuel is hazardous to the coastal environment...

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UCLA Law Professor Gives Talk on Green New Deal and Clean Air Act

UCLA Law School professor Ann Carlson discussed what proponents of the Green New Deal could learn from the passage of the Clean Air Act of 1970 at the Law School on May 16.



Yifang Zhu in The Washington Post

Yifang Zhu is the Center for Clean Air Associate Director and a professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences. In this Washington Post article, Zhu talks about the environmental impact of ride-hailing services on UCLA’s campus.  UCLA students use ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft for about 11,000 trips a week to get from one...



Daily Bruin: Popularity of brief Uber, Lyft rides on campus raises environmental concerns

On the popularity of brief Uber and Lyft rides around campus Yifang Zhu, associate director of the Center for Clean Air and an environmental health sciences professor said, “Even though these are short trips, they still produce a large amount of carbon emissions.”