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q&a with debbie levin, architect of green cars’ red carpet moment

Q&A with Debbie Levin, architect of green cars’ red carpet moment

For businesses looking to promote green products, a major turning point came during the Academy Awards at the beginning of the 21st century. As millions watched worldwide, celebrities dressed to the nines climbed out of — not limousines — but hybrid Toyota Priuses. The architect of that made-for-TV moment was Environmental Media Association (EMA) CEO...


Special Event

The Future of Supply Chain Sustainability: A New Standard of Operation

Corporate Partners Program Event


Incorporating supply chain considerations is no longer a differentiator in the field of corporate sustainability, but rather a standard practice for major companies. During the discussion, three speakers will address topics such as procurement strategies, supplier evaluations, and the future of supply chain practices. Three student teams will share their research findings on related topics...

Special Event

Why have so few countries taken strong measures to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions?

The Four Worlds of Carbon Politics: A Talk with Michael L. Ross, UCLA Political Science


ABOUT THE TALK: Why have so few countries taken strong measures to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions? We develop a novel theory to explain variation in carbon policies across countries and over time, based on the sectoral composition of a country’s economy and its position in the global economy. It suggests that the fossil fuel...


Blue Prosperity Symposium

2019 Student Research Presentations


The first year of research for the Blue Prosperity program at UCLA concludes with a series of presentations by student researchers from the Anderson School of Management, the Luskin School of Public Policy, and the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES). Presentations will focus on topics relating to sustainable development in Pacific Islands, addressing:...


tomoko kanda

Tomoko Kanda

MURP '19

Urban Planning

anna johnson

Anna Johnson

B.S. '19

Environmental Science & Political Science

owen emerson

Owen Emerson

B.A. '18

Geography & Environmental Studies


sar sustainable purchasing team

Enhancing the Ethical and Sustainable Framework of UCLA’s Promotional Product Supply Chains

Pictured above, left to right: Ryan Hallman (Team Leader), Monica Portillo, Ayahna Mack, Gabriel Hernandez, Stephanie Hauschildt (Team Leader), and Corbin Kehrberg   SAR Sustainable Purchasing Team: Enhancing the Ethical and Sustainable Framework of UCLA’s Promotional Product Supply Chains   Project Description:  The Sustainable Purchasing Team aims to improve the sustainability and ethicality of UCLA’s promotional product supply chain. Such products...

supply chain: 2018-2019 focus

Supply Chain: 2018-2019 Focus

For the 2018-2019 academic year, the Corporate Partners Program focused on sustainability in supply chains.  The kickoff event for this year’s CPP program took place on October 2. Panelists at the event included Chuck Gatchell (VP/GM of Olympics and Athletes @ Nike), Bonnie Nixon (former Director of Supply Chain and Environmental Responsibility @ Hewlett-Packard) ,and...

planet innovation podcast

Planet Innovation Podcast

Planet Innovation is a podcast about business solutions to solve environmental problems. We bring uplifting conversations with scientists and entrepreneurs who are creating innovative solutions for the planet. This is not another doom and gloom sustainability podcast. From solar clothing to lab-based meat, we discuss how science and entrepreneurship can save the earth. Season 1...


The effectiveness of US energy efficiency building labels

Omar Isaac Asensio, Magali A. Delmas

Published Work | 2017 | Nature Energy

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Tom Smith & Congo Basin Institute in Forbes: Sustainable Guitars – Giving Back To The Trees And Communities That Helped Create Music

Tom Smith, professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, has research interests in evolutionary biology and conservation. Smith has worked in Cameroon for more than 30 years seeking win-wins for people and biodiversity, a mission cemented about four years ago by his role as founding co-director of the Congo Basin Institute – “a center...


Wallet Hub- 2018’s Most and Least Energy Efficient States

UCLA’s Deepak Rajagopal answers: What is the biggest mistake consumers make when trying to make their homes more energy efficient?