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Arctic oil and environmental legacy in the crosshairs

President Barack Obama's Arctic oil drilling ban and environmental legacy are in President Trump's crosshairs. Obama’s last days in the Oval Office included a flurry of new environmental protections. In his first days the incoming president is busy taking actions to dismantle them. President Barack Obama's environmental legacy and his Arctic oil drilling ban are in the crosshairs of the new president. Obama's last days in the Oval office included a flurry of environmental protections. The first days of the Trump administration efforts are being made to dismantle them.




UCLA College Luskin Endowment Inaugural Symposium


From public policy to installation art, EARTH NOW: EARTH 2050 explores all facets of modern environmental challenges and highlights efforts to make lives and businesses more sustainable. The program includes talks from top experts, workshops, local and national nonprofit organizations, art, a student film contest—and much more. We will highlight UCLA campus-wide sustainability while showcasing the new Luskin Conference Center and honoring the generosity of Meyer and Renee Luskin.


Ted Loch-Temzelides

Visiting Scholar, IoES

Professor of Economics and a Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies Scholar at Rice University

Rhianna Williams

Documentarian / Ethnographer

Erik Porse, PhD

Associate Director for Research


Dan Cheng

GIS Programmer, LA Energy Atlas




The Grid: An informational primer for advocates of distributed renewable energy

Eric Daniel Fournier, M.A. M.E.Sc., Ph.D.


2016 LA Energy Atlas Annual Report

Annual Report | 2016

The dynamics of behavior change: evidence from energy conservation

O. Asensio, M. Delmas

Published Work | Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

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Winter 2017 - Week 9: Sustainable Buildings: Pauley Pavilion

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Degrees for Days and Degree Days

Winter 2017 - Week 8: Sustainable Buildings: Pauley Pavilion



Los Angeles Times: Can California go its own way on federal environmental protections? These lawmakers want to try

“California will undoubtedly test the limits of what it’s possible for a state to do,” said Cara Horowitz, co-director of UCLA’s Environmental Law Clinic. The state, she said, “has made very clear that it sees itself as the environmental resistance in the United States.”