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UCLA College Luskin Endowment Inaugural Symposium


From public policy to installation art, EARTH NOW: EARTH 2050 explores all facets of modern environmental challenges and highlights efforts to make lives and businesses more sustainable. The program includes talks from top experts, workshops, local and national nonprofit organizations, art, a student film contest—and much more. We will highlight UCLA campus-wide sustainability while showcasing the new Luskin Conference Center and honoring the generosity of Meyer and Renee Luskin.



Christian Blanco


Anderson School of Management

Ted Loch-Temzelides

Visiting Researcher, IoES

Professor of Economics and a Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies Scholar at Rice University

Rhianna Williams

Documentarian / Ethnographer

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA

Erik Porse, PhD

Associate Director for Research




Energy Conservation Behavior

UCLA ENGAGE investigates how real-time energy consumption feedback can be used as an effective tool for energy conservation. It applies insights from behavioral science to design optimal interventions for changing energy use behavior. It is among the largest behavioral experiments in energy conservation in the United States.


Are residential energy efficiency programs effective?

More than 1 billion dollars have spent on Energy Efficiency (EE) Programs in California each year; however, we have limited solid evidence of their effectiveness. This project examines the effectiveness of Energy Efficiency (EE) programs in Southern California. We address three main research questions: (1) Are EE programs (residential based appliances and equipment upgrade) effective...

Developing an Attainment Model for LEED Re-certification at Pauley Pavilion.

It is estimated that people spend nearly 90% of their time in buildings, so indoor environmental quality profoundly impacts human health. Maximizing the safety, livability, and sustainability of a space is essential in maintaining an exceptional public venue, which is our team’s goal for Pauley Pavilion, UCLA’s on-campus arena. Using the LEED (Leadership in Energy...

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