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The Future of Supply Chain Sustainability: A New Standard of Operation

Corporate Partners Program Event


Incorporating supply chain considerations is no longer a differentiator in the field of corporate sustainability, but rather a standard practice for major companies. During the discussion, three speakers will address topics such as procurement strategies, supplier evaluations, and the future of supply chain practices. Three student teams will share their research findings on related topics...

Special Event

A Room Where it Happens | LA: H20 from Mountains to Sea

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Civicas Woen's Civic Action Network &


Please join us for a Cross-Sector Conversation about Water Issues, Technological Actions & Civic Resources, Including an Environmental Education Expo Inspired by CA’s $9 billion Water Bond & LA’s Storm Water Tax initiatives on the November Ballot Our experts panelists are leaders in the Civic Water Sector including: Angela Barraco, CEO, River LA; Ann Carpenter, Co-Founder/CEO, Braid...


using drones to monitor sulphur emissions by ships

Using drones to monitor sulphur emissions by ships

Ships burn thick oil known as residual fuel. Residual fuel comes from the bottom of barrel and is the leftover black liquid from gasoline and diesel. This highly toxic substance has caused more than 60,000 premature deaths because it contains high concentrations of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon. The fuel is hazardous to the coastal environment...

sar transportation team

Assessing Emerging Active Transportation Options at UCLA

Pictured above, left to right: Kyle Willenborg, Anna Weir, Brooke Shimasaki (Team Leader), Natalie Gonzalez, and Madeline Jordan (Team Leader)   SAR Transportation Team: Assessing Emerging Active Transportation Options at UCLA   Project Description:   Electric scooters are one of the newest forms of sustainable transportation at UCLA. While they allow students to move efficiently...


Wily Ecologies: Comic Futures for American Environmentalism

Allison Carruth

Published Work | 2017 | American Literary History

Real-time direct detection of silica scaling on RO membranes

J Thompson, A Rahardianto, S Kim, M Bilal, R Breckenridge, Y Cohen

Published Work | 2017 | Journal of Membrane Science

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BioCellection, co-founder win Pritzker environmental prize

Entrepreneur Miranda Wang and BioCellection, the Menlo Park-based company she co-founded, have been named the winners of the Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award for 2018. The prestigious award, which includes a cash prize of $100,000, is funded by the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation and was presented by the UCLA Institute of the Environment...



How The Iconic 1968 Earthrise Photo Changed Our Relationship To The Planet

Earthrise Media founder and our 2017 Pritzker winner, Dan Hammer, in Huffington Post. Earthrise Media‘s images were used in this article by Bill McKibben to discuss the impact of satellite imagery on our relationship to the planet.   



Tracking China’s Muslim Gulag

Dan Hammer, 2017 Pritzker award winner, is leading a project to make sense of Earth imagery — to help people “read” images like they read the news. Hammer, of Earthrise Media, worked with Reuters to plot the construction and expansion of 39 of these camps. 


Dan Kammen: Innovation for a Clean Economy

In his Spring Oppenheim Lecture on March 31, Dan Kammen talked about if and how we can achieve a low-carbon/no-carbon economy. He stated that reducing greenhouse gases by the levels required will be a monumental undertaking, one that requires an aggressive mixture of science, technology and policy. He noted that there are number of ‘high...