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UCLA Professor Suzanne Paulson and Ph.D. Candidate Viraj Sawant Illuminate Path Forward in Addressing Near-Roadway Air Pollution’s Impact on Public Health

UCLA Professor and Center for Clean Air Director Suzanne Paulson and UCLA Ph.D. candidate Viraj Sawant have made significant strides in understanding and addressing the impacts of near-roadway air pollution (NRAP) on public health in California. The CalSPEC report outlines the disproportionate health effects faced by specific communities due to racial, ethnic and income disparities in air pollution exposure.

With the support of teams from UC Davis, UCSF, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Paulson and Sawant outline the composition, prevalence and health effects of NRAP. Their findings underscore the urgent need for targeted mitigation strategies to reduce the adverse effects of air pollution on vulnerable populations.

The report not only informs discussions within California but also provides valuable insights that may benefit other jurisdictions grappling with similar challenges. Through their research, Paulson and Sawant catalyze meaningful action towards cleaner air and improved public health outcomes for communities living near major roadways.