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Give Back to the Bruin Community at UCLA’s Surplus Stop

In the vibrant atmosphere of a university campus like UCLA, sustainability is a vital aspect of reducing waste and fostering an eco-friendly environment. At UCLA, sustainability isn’t just a concept—it’s a lifestyle embraced by students, faculty and staff alike.

UCLA Surplus Stop

UCLA, like many large institutions, produces a substantial amount of waste annually. In fact, every second, the equivalent of a backpack full of trash—2 pounds precisely—is generated, resulting in over a million pounds of waste each year. To address this issue, UCLA’s Surplus Stop provides a solution. This initiative enables Bruins to donate gently used items like furniture, electronics and clothing, giving these items a second life and significantly reducing waste.

Location and Operations

The Surplus Stop, managed by UCLA Zero Waste, is located at Parking Structure 9 and operates by appointment only. Donations from students, staff, and departments are accepted, and others within the UCLA community can take these items for free. This initiative not only reduces waste but also provides valuable resources to those in need.

How to Donate or Collect Items

If you are interested in picking up available items, please view currently available items and fill out this form to indicate what you would like.

To donate items, fill out the donation request form and specify your preferences. The Surplus Stop accepts a variety of items in good condition, including furniture, school supplies, small appliances and more. However, items such as refrigerators, laboratory equipment and hazardous waste are not accepted and should be disposed of through other channels.