A Climate Series for the Ages: Living with Climate Change, Part 3

A Tale of Two Cities: Los Angeles & Beijing

It is tough to feel urgency when climate change seems like something happening to future generations, in faraway lands. The reality is, it is and will affect all of us, in every city on the planet. And it’s not all bad, by the way—some cities and people could benefit from global warming. To make climate change personal, local, and real, let’s talk about how it will affect two of the greatest cities in the world, Los Angeles and Beijing. We’ll compare notes on each city’s infrastructure and governance, actual on-the-ground impacts, and how residents might react.

Conversation with

  • Alex Hall, UCLA Professor of Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences and Director, IoES Center for Climate Science
  • Brad Shaffer, UCLA Evolutionary Biologist and Director, UCLA La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science
  • Alex Wang, professor at UCLA School of Law

Moderated by

  • Stephanie Wear, Senior Scientist and Strategy Advisor at The Nature Conservancy