D. Env in Environmental Science and Engineering

Fellowship and Support

The Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) program costs consist of UCLA tuition and fees and Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition (PDST). For International or non-California residents, there is an additional Nonresident Supplemental Tuition cost (NRST). Non-California residents may petition to become California residents for tuition purposes after their first year in the program. For international students, NRST is waived for up to three years after the student advances to candidacy, typically after the second year in the program.

Full breakdown of program cost

Financial support is available for our ESE students for their first two years along with additional fellowships or stipends toward educational and living expenses. Second year students may apply for fellowships for continuing graduate students at UCLA

After year two when coursework and the Solutions Course is complete, ESE students advance to candidacy and begin their residency. During the residency, UCLA tuition is reduced by 85% for up to 2 years (6 quarters), and residents only pay the PDST tuition and the Student Services Fee. Our ESE students find that residencies are usually well-paid positions and competitive with the current job market for entering environmental science professionals. Educational and living expenses are covered through the residency salary, and a very high percentage of residencies lead to permanent positions.

Please visit the UCLA Financial Aid website for more funding options for graduate students. 

Common Fellowship Opportunities for ESE Students

Eugene Cota Robles Fellowship

Dr. Ursula Mandel Fellowship

Malcolm R. Stacey Fellowship

National Water Research Institute

UCLA Competitive Edge

Pathways to Science

American Water Works Association