D. Env in Environmental Science and Engineering


Due to the UCLA admissions system transition, we are extending our application deadline to January 5, 2018.

Why Enroll?

The Doctorate of Environmental Science and Engineering (D. Env.) is the only environmental professional doctorate in the nation. Unlike the traditional Ph.D, the D. Env degree trains students to work in non-traditional laboratory research. The program focuses on practical training while students conduct an off-campus doctoral internship with government, public and nonprofit agencies, private consulting agencies and NGOs.

The D. Env. will prepare you to meet current and future environmental challenges head-on. Here’s how:

Practical education in a research-driven setting: As a world-renowned research institution, UCLA is poised to solve environmental problems, and research is only one piece in the puzzle to solve environmental challenges. The D. Env. puts research into practice. Courses lay a strong foundation in engineering, science, and research methods with enough flexibility to focus on students’ areas of interest. Then, students put their learning into action.

Research:  Research lays the foundation for for D. Env. students to tackle environmental challenges head-on. Each student completes a problems course with a faculty member to get the hands-on research experience they need to advance to candidacy, begin their internship, and complete their dissertation research.

Extensive real world experience: Hands-on experience is ubiquitous in the programs at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. To solve real-world challenges, one must have real-world experience and that’s why every D. Env. student completes a 2-3 year internship while conducting research to complete their dissertation.

A connected, interdisciplinary community: Our faculty have strong connections across departments at UCLA and within the environmental community in Los Angeles. These relationships often lead to internship placements, research projects, and last well beyond graduation and into our graduates’ professional lives.

The perfect setting: When school is in session, UCLA effectively becomes a city of 80,000 people, nested in one of the world’s most diverse megacities. And yet there is a wealth of nature all around. From the Santa Monica Mountains to the beaches of Malibu, Los Angeles is a case study in how an urban humanity interacts with nature. Water, food supply, energy, pollution and environmental justice are all part of the picture.

Find out more about the D. Env. Program: email our Graduate Program Administrator.