bird la day at ucla: a sensory exploration of birds of the world


Bird LA Day at UCLA: a sensory exploration of birds of the world

by UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden

Visit the UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden for a unique tour of bird sounds from all over the world!

As you wander through sections of the Garden representing Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, SoCal, and more, you can listen to the songs and calls of each area’s characteristic birds using our phone-based audio tour. The Garden will also host a presentation about some of UCLA’s groundbreaking bird research, including the Bird Genoscape Project and the Center for Tropical Research. This program is additionally co-presented by the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability and the Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies. When you arrive at the Garden, you can start your tour at the La Kretz Garden Pavilion, at the Garden’s northwest corner near Charles E. Young Drive. Note: You can access the audio tour on your phone. Headphones recommended! This event is free, but space is limited, so please RSVP at: [Photo by Nurit Katz]

bird la day at ucla: a sensory exploration of birds of the world


Held every May, Bird LA Day celebrates the birds of Southern California and LA’s amazing biodiversity. Bird and nature-themed events are held throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Bird LA Day shines the spotlight on nature, and reminds the world that Los Angeles is a lot more than just film, fashion and celebrities. Learn more at: