sustainability in the virtual workplace: impact of rise of cloud computing, web conferencing, and big data


Sustainability in the virtual workplace: Impact of the rise of cloud computing, web conferencing, and big data

Join the IoES Corporate Partners Program for a discussion on the environmental implications of 'the new normal'

One year later, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to radically impact working patterns around the world. In a largely virtual world, it is important to consider the impacts of cloud computing, big data and web conferencing on corporate sustainability. Some of the benefits of widespread virtual work made the news during lockdowns last Spring: declines in traffic, air pollution, and the return of wildlife to normally congested urban areas. In this discussion, we will consider the continuing benefits on virtual work in conjunction with negative impacts that can stem from increased internet and data usage. Taking these concerns into account, we will discuss what the future of work might hold post-COVID.

The event will consist of a moderated roundtable discussion with opportunities for audience questions. Our expert panel will include:

  • Mr. Chris Talbott, Cloud Sustainability Lead, Google
  • Mr. Armando Mann, Chief Business Officer, Hopin
  • Dr. Mark Handcock, Professor, UCLA Department of Statistics

IoES Interim Director, Dr. Marilyn Raphael will serve as the moderator.

In addition to the panelists, the audience will have the opportunity to hear short presentations from this year’s CPP student researchers on their findings related to the pandemic’s impacts on corporate sustainability. Read more about this year’s research topics here.

While free and open to the public online, registration for this event is required through Eventbrite. The event will not be recorded; it is only available for live streaming.