Special Event

Technology for Good: Easton Center Innovation Challenge Kickoff

Presented by UCLA Easton Technology Management Center

Join Professor Terry Kramer, Easton Center Faculty Director, in a moderated conversation with Eric Hoek and Larry Leisure on these topics. And hear about the formal launch of the Easton Center Innovation Challenge – the innovation prompts, deadlines, prize monies and the content/programming designed to support participating students on their journeys. UCLA Anderson Dean Tony Bernardo will provide opening remarks.   Dr. Eric Hoek...


Climate Adaptation Research Symposium

Hosted by the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

Event Context As global temperatures rise, climate change is causing far-reaching impacts. Communities continue to experience extreme heat waves, destructive wildfires, and devastating floods and storms. Vulnerable and low-income populations feel these impacts the most. Climate change presents an unprecedented threat—however, researchers are making progress to estimate the impacts of climate change on many aspects...

Special Event

2020 Ag Innovation Showcase

Larta Institute

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has yielded versions of scarcity everywhere, and has put a spotlight on long-standing issues. The constraints on the supply chain have severely affected farmers, producers, distributors and consumers. The inability of farmers to get their products to market has resulted in a crisis of waste, with hundreds of thousands of animals...

Special Event

2020 IoES Commencement

Graduation Ceremony

Information about the IoES commencement ceremony.   Where: Live on YouTube When: Sunday, June 14th  Time: Ceremony begins at 1:30 PM. Graduates should log into the Zoom 1:00 PM. Zoom Reception with faculty members after the commencement ceremony. 2020 Commencement Keynote Speaker: Iliza Shlesinger Iliza is one of today’s leading comedians with a fan base who show their...


Spotlight on Sustainability: Preparing Your Company for Water Resiliency

The Corporate Partners Program of UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability is proud to present: Spotlight on Sustainability: Preparing Your Company for Water Resiliency UCLA water experts and business leaders will come together to discuss what steps companies can take to ensure that they are prepared for our water future. Speakers will address: Cutting-edge...

Drilling the City

More than 580,000 people live within a quarter mile of these sites, which bring toxic chemicals and air pollution—posing serious health threats to families, schools and communities. Please join UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and STAND – L.A. for a day of science, empowerment and environmental justice. We’ll explore urban drilling, its public...

Extinction! Fear and Hope at the La Brea Tar Pits

Extinctions happen all the time—evolution can't move forward without them. But mass extinctions are a different beast, wiping out large numbers of species regardless of how well adapted they are. Join us and the La Brea Tar Pits—home to extinct saber-toothed cats, dire wolves and mammoths—for a lively conversation about endangered plants and animals, extinction and the global consequences of mass extinction.


From public policy to installation art, EARTH NOW: EARTH 2050 explores all facets of modern environmental challenges and highlights efforts to make lives and businesses more sustainable. The program includes talks from top experts, workshops, local and national nonprofit organizations, art, a student film contest—and much more. We will highlight UCLA campus-wide sustainability while showcasing the new Luskin Conference Center and honoring the generosity of Meyer and Renee Luskin.

LA’s Water Resource Future Workshop Series, Part 2

The second workshop in the LA's Water Resource Future Series was held on June 15, 2016, and focused on current and future groundwater basin conditions, management, and rights in the groundwater basins serving Los Angeles County. The event engaged stakeholders and the research community in order to inform both the scientific research and policy analysis and recommendations that UCLA intends to undertake as part of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge.

The Evolution of Human Transportation

Transportation and mobility have allowed humans to occupy virtually every habitat on the planet—giving us enormous freedom and providing the circulatory system for the global exchange of knowledge and goods. Please join us as we bring together car enthusiasts and environmentalists. Together, weʼll explore the history and future of automobiles and transportation, with due consideration...