This environmental short film contest is a platform to showcase your ideas, commentary and vision for our city and the world. You may submit one short film for each category and films must feature the Los Angeles Area—creative liberty is encouraged. Post your film at Awards & Prizes The best film in each category will receive...


The Evolution of Human Transportation

Transportation and mobility have allowed humans to occupy virtually every habitat on the planet—giving us enormous freedom and providing the circulatory system for the global exchange of knowledge and goods. Please join us as we bring together car enthusiasts and environmentalists. Together, weʼll explore the history and future of automobiles and transportation, with due consideration...


Drowning World

Award-winning photojournalist Gideon Mendel visited UCLA to present his “Drowning World” series, which documents the impact of flooding events on people across the globe. Following the presentation, scholars and practitioners in climate change education and communication held a roundtable discussion on “The Art of Teaching Climate Change.” The Center for Climate Science co-sponsored the event, and Associate Director Katharine Reich participated in the roundtable.


GMOS: Global Solution or Global Risk?

For some, GMO crops offer a solution to worldwide crises in health and food security. For others, they involve risks that are too great to take. This is no longer new technology. We can now draw on decades of research to inform the debate. UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability will bring together four...


Annual Gala

We face unprecedented stresses on food, water and energy systems. Fresh ideas, breakthrough technologies and heightened public engagement are urgently needed. The UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability represents a new kind of environmental science—a science that eschews ‘doom and gloom’ and embraces inclusiveness, innovation, and a proactive vision for the world we want...



The UCLA Institute for the Environment and Sustainability invites you to the launch of a brand new format for our flagship public program, the Oppenheim Lecture Series. Join leading authorities on energy and the economics of emissions reduction for a dynamic debate on whether California’s bid to shift exclusively to renewable energy is a strategy...