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Mark Gold in LA Times: L.A.’s ambitious goal: Recycle all of the city’s sewage into drinkable water

Mark Gold is Associate Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability. In this LA Times article, he weighs in on LA’s move to recycle all of the city’s sewage into drinkable water.

Los Angeles has a new water project in mind that could cost $8 billion, take 16 years to complete and provide as much as one-third of the city’s supply. Local officials aren’t talking about building a new dam or lining the coast with desalination plants or towing icebergs from the Arctic. They are eyeing the river of treated sewage that pours into the Pacific Ocean, day in and day out, from L.A.’s wastewater plants.

“Money’s going to be the big thing,” said Mark Gold, UCLA’s associate vice chancellor for environment and sustainability. “It’s a bold move by the city,” he added. “But if you look at water planning going back to the early [aughts], there’s been talk about this. This is not a new concept.”