carolyn stephens

Carolyn Stephens

B.A. '19

Political Science

Carolyn Stephens graduated as political science major with a minor in environmental systems and society. She believes scientific research should be translated to accessible language and applied to both political will and strict environmental policy across public and private sectors. Her approach to environmental change through policy began as an elementary school student when she, unsuccessfully, lobbied the administration to stop using styrofoam in the cafeteria. In her time at UCLA, she worked on a variety of research projects ranging from legal theory to wildfire policy. Along with a passion for environmental justice and climate action, Carolyn is an advocate for those with disabilities, having completed 1,500 volunteer hours at the non-profit RAD (Rising Above Disabilities) Camp. When not occupied with schoolwork, Carolyn enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including running, rock climbing, yoga, hiking, camping, and backpacking.

Carolyn is currently working as a Trial Clerk for the United States Tax Court.


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