Overhead view of containers in a port.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, the Corporate Partners Program will focus on the supply chain. The program will explore recent trends and developments in sustainable supply chain management, accounting, and reporting. What tools are available to companies for evaluating and tracking supply chain impacts? What reporting strategies are used by firms to increase transparency to customers on the sourcing of products? How will the integration of blockchain technologies increase supplier accountability? These are just a few examples of research questions that may be included within the annual scope.

The kickoff event for this year’s CPP program took place on October 2. Panelists at the event included Chuck Gatchell (VP/GM of Olympics and Athletes @ Nike), Bonnie Nixon (former Director of Supply Chain and Environmental Responsibility @ Hewlett-Packard) and Charles Corbett (Professor @ UCLA Anderson School of Management), with IoES Professor Alan Barreca serving as a moderator. Many interesting topics surrounding supply chain sustainability were introduced; to learn more about what was discussed by the panelists see theĀ event summary.