Clare Schumann

B.S. ' 22

Environmental Science

Clare Schumann is a third-year undergraduate at UCLA, majoring in Environmental Science and double minoring in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences and Spanish while also being a member of the College Scholars Honor Program. She is interested in pursuing a career in corporate sustainability, and is working with the Corporate Partners Program to investigate how the remote work model requires firms to adapt their reporting, and solutions to improve the accuracy of this reporting. On campus, she manages the communications and marketing efforts of UCLA’s Environmental Student Network as the organization’s Communications Director. Additionally, she is the Sustainability Chair for Gamma Phi Beta, which has allowed her to implement sustainable changes to her sorority house including a formal proposal of a composting system and member education on sustainable living. Apart from UCLA, Clare also works as a Park Aide at the Mount Diablo State Park in Northern California, which allows her to educate visitors on wildlife and park procedures. Outside of class, she enjoys running, upcycling clothes, and listening to her collection of vinyl records. 


resilience: 2020-2021 focus

Resilience: 2020-2021 Focus

In the face of widespread changes brought about by COVID-19, record-breaking wildfires across the west coast, and one of the most active Atlantic tropical storm seasons on record, the importance…