dawn lippert

Dawn Lippert


Elemental Excelerator

Elemental Excelerator

Nominated by David Skelly

Dawn Lippert is founder and CEO of Elemental Excelerator, a non-profit that improves communities through technology innovation, economic opportunity and sustainable modernization. Elemental Excelerator has awarded over $25M to 50+ energy, water, transportation, and agriculture companies and co-deployed 28 projects to transform communities through innovation. She is also Director of Innovation and Community at Emerson Collective, a philanthropic and investment platform. As energy production, use and infrastructure undergo major changes, partnering technological innovation with equitable community engagement can drive societal change. Dawn is a leader on these fronts. Her credits include working on clean energy reforms that were largely responsible for Hawaii’s transformation from near-complete dependence on fossil fuels to adopting a goal of 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. She founded Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE), a non-profit that accelerates Hawaii’s transformation to clean energy by facilitating trust and supporting female leaders. Dawn holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in environmental management from Yale University.