jamie lloyd-smith

Jamie Lloyd-Smith


Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


I study the ecology of infectious diseases in wildlife and human populations. In California, my group is studying the dynamics of leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that has caused recurring, deadly outbreaks in California sea lions since 1970. We are collaborating with marine mammal stranding and rehabilitation centers, as well as government biologists, to understand the drivers of this disease and its impact on sea lions and other marine species. We are also collaborating with the National Park Service to understand the conservation implications of an on-going leptospirosis outbreak in the endangered Channel Island fox.


Recent Publications

Pathogenic Leptospira are widespread in the urban wildlife of southern California

S.K., Helman, A.F.N., Tokuyama, R.O., Mummah, N.E., Stone, M.W., Gamble, C.E., Snedden, B., Borremans, A.C.R., Gomez, C., Cox, J., Nussbaum, I., Tweedt, D.A., Haake, R.L., Galloway, J., Monzón, S.P.D., Riley, J.A., Sikich, J., Brown, A., Friscia, J.W., Sahl, D.M., Wagner, J.W., Lynch, K.C., Prager, J.O., Lloyd-Smith

Published Work | 2023 | Scientific Reports


SARS-CoV-2: Cross-scale Insights from Ecology and Evolution

Snedden, C.E., Makanani, S.K., Schwartz, S.T., Gamble, A., Blakey, R. V., Borremans, B., Helman, S.K., Espericueta, L., Valencia, A., Endo, A., Alfaro, M.E., Lloyd-Smith, J.O.

Published Work | 2021 | Trends Microbiol. 29, 593–605


Pathogen-host associations and predicted range shifts of human Monkeypox in response to climate change in Central Africa

Thomassen, H. A.; Fuller, T. L.; Asefi-Najafabady, S.; Shiplacoff, J. A.; Mulembakani, P. M.; Blumberg, S.; Johnston, S. C.; Kisalu, N. K.; Kinkela, T. L.; Fair, J. N.; Wolfe, N. D.; Shongo, R. L.; LeBreton, M.; Meyer, H.; Wright, L. L.; Muyembe, J.; Buermann, W.; Okitolonda, E.; Hensley, L. E.; Lloyd-Smith, J. O.; Smith, T. B.; Rimoin, A. W.

Published Work | 2013 | PLoS ONE 8(7)


Using remote sensing to map the risk of human monkeypox virus in the Congo Basin

Fuller, T. H.; Thomassen, H. A.; Mulembakani, P. M.; Johnston, S. S.; Lloyd-Smith, J. O.; Kisalu, N. K.; Lutete, T. K.; Blumberg, S.; Fair, J. N.; Wolfe, N. D.; Shongo, R. L.; Formenty, P.; Meyer, H.; Wright, L. L.; Muhembe, J.; Buermann, W.; Saatchi, S. S.; Okitolonda, E.; Hensley, L.; Smith, T. B.; Rimoin, A. W.

Published Work | 2010 | EcoHealth 8(1), 14-25