jennifer taylor

Jennifer Taylor

D.Env. Student on Residency

Environmental Science and Engineering


Jennifer Taylor is a doctoral student in the Environmental Science and Engineering Program at UCLA with a concentration in environmental and water management. Specifically, she is interested in how to appropriately manage our natural areas to ensure that they can thrive as earth continues to be impacted by overpopulation and development. She is currently working on two projects on coastal mitigation for sea level rise. One project evaluates an experimental method to help wetlands maintain their elevation if sea level rise outpaces their ability to stay within the intertidal zone. The other project investigates the fate of rocky intertidal habitats in southern California based on sea level rise and coastal armoring. Jennifer holds a Master of Science in Environmental Health Sciences from UCLA, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from UMass, Amherst, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UMass Amherst.


feeling the squeeze: a gis analysis of rocky intertidal habitats

Feeling the Squeeze: A GIS Analysis of Rocky Intertidal Habitats

Rocky intertidal habitat is located at the land sea interface and supports a unique variety of species.  In southern California, often these habitats are closely backed by existing developments such as homes and businesses.  Based on the most recent sea level rise projections, these rocky intertidal habitats are in danger of disappearing in a process...