feeling the squeeze: a gis analysis of rocky intertidal habitats
Sea anemone, Baja California.

Problems Course | 2017

Feeling the Squeeze: A GIS Analysis of Rocky Intertidal Habitats

Rocky intertidal habitat is located at the land sea interface and supports a unique variety of species.  In southern California, often these habitats are closely backed by existing developments such as homes and businesses.  Based on the most recent sea level rise projections, these rocky intertidal habitats are in danger of disappearing in a process referred to as ‘coastal squeeze’ whereby the intertidal zone is drowned by the rising sea and blocked by unyielding developments. Therefore, we are conducting a GIS based analysis to understand which rocky intertidal habitats will be most sensitive to coastal squeeze.  We hope coastal managers incorporate our results into their adaptation strategy planning to protect California’s rocky intertidal habitats.