Kelli Fletcher

Kelli Fletcher

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Bridging the realms of healthcare and sustainable biotechnology

Kelli Fletcher is an incoming ESE student with a profound passion for bridging the realms of healthcare and sustainable biotechnology. Holding a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and a Master’s in Biotechnology, her academic journey was a testament to her resilience, having navigated her studies amidst the challenges of the pandemic while working as a nursing assistant, patient care tech, and lab tech.

Her career ignited at the esteemed Jackson Laboratory in CT, subsequently leading her to Northeastern University, where she embraced a dual role at the life science testing center while pursuing her Master’s degree. It was here that her fascination with green technology flourished. Having witnessed the enormous biowaste predicament firsthand during her tenure as a clinical lab tech and frontline healthcare professional, she became resolute in her mission to harmonize sustainable practices within the healthcare and biotech sectors.

With invaluable experience at Foundation Medicine, a pioneering cancer diagnostic company, Kelli harnessed her profound knowledge to collaborate across disciplines, facilitating assay optimization, and advocating for innovative solutions. Armed with a deep understanding of the inefficiencies ingrained in current practices, she remains steadfast in her belief that modern approaches can revolutionize the status quo. She is poised to make an indelible mark by catalyzing positive change at the intersection of healthcare, biotechnology, and environmental sustainability.