Meizani Irmadhiany is the executive chair of Konservasi Indonesia, a newly created national foundation she co-founded and Conservation International’s main partner in Indonesia.

Irmadhiany also advises Conservation International’s work across Asia Pacific, implementing strategies and developing partnerships for people and nature.

In Konservasi Indonesia, she leads a diverse team across 11 offices and manages deep engagement with Indigenous and local communities, government partners and other stakeholders. Through her leadership, Konservasi Indonesia is delivering bold initiatives that protect globally important ecosystems while advancing and securing livelihoods for local communities and supporting economic development for Indonesia.

This includes the Blue Halo S initiative — a unique model and paradigm shift in the financing of protection, conservation and management of ocean natural capital that maximizes nature-based climate change mitigation benefits for vulnerable populations. Designed to fund itself over time, the initiative will initially raise over $300 million in blended finance towards a blue economy.

Being raised in Indonesia, home to over 270 million people, some of the most significant tropical forests, mangroves, peatlands and biodiverse waters globally amidst exponential economic growth and socio-political transformation has shaped Meizani Irmadhiany’s views, passion and dedication to conservation and sustainable development.

With over 18 years of experience in conservation, sustainable land management, agriculture, renewable energy, labour and disaster relief, Irmadhiany was instrumental in establishing a sustainable natural rubber production business. Serving on the board of directors, she helped develop high-level corporate finance instruments, including the company’s first Sustainability Bond issuance in Asia and public grant schemes for environmental and social programs for the company.