naomi adams

Naomi Adams

Pronouns: They, them

Understanding the relationships between soil health and collective well being in urban environments

Naomi Adams (they/them) is a Ph.D. student in the UCLA Environment and Sustainability program pursuing interdisciplinary research in environmental justice and environmental engineering. Their research investigates the cumulative impacts of lead exposure from aggregative pathways and developing community-based research to investigate strategies for remediation and mitigation.

Naomi graduated from Howard University in 2018 with their B.S. in Chemical Engineering and received their M.S. in Environmental Engineering in 2020 from UCLA. At UCLA, they are a Cota-Robles fellow, Center for Diverse Leadership in Science Early-Career fellow, and a National Science Foundation Trainee in the Innovations in Food, Energy, and Water systems program. In CDLS, Naomi is a part of the Environmental Justice Working Group. In their free time they enjoy cuddling with their cat, watching anime, reading sci-fi books, listening to music, and hiking.