quentin gee

Quentin Gee

Researcher and Lecturer

UC Santa Barbara

Nominated by D'Artagnan Scorza

UC Santa Barbara

Quentin Gee is a researcher and lecturer in philosophy and environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara, an institution where the environmental studies program was born of activism. To effect societal change, a strong relationship between community activists, research scientists and educators is essential. Quentin is an accomplished player on all three fronts. As the former leader of UCSB’s Associated Students Environmental Affairs board, he advocated for higher LEED certification in UCSB buildings, which became official campus policy. His research identifies how healthy eating can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a professor, he supports student theses related to rooftop solar photovoltaic systems in the city of Santa Barbara, work that leads to improved public policy. Quentin holds a PhD in philosophy from UCSB and an MA in philosophy from Western Michigan University.