sanja pekovic

Sanja Pekovic

Visiting Scholar, IoES

Center for Corporate Environmental Performance

300 La Kretz
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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Sanja Pekovic (PhD, Paris-EST) is Assistant Professor at the University of Montenegro and associate researcher at the Université Paris-Dauphine, PSL Research University, Paris. She is conducting research on quality and environmental management, the economics of innovation, corporate social responsibility, and applied econometrics. Her work has appeared in international journals such as the Ecological Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Organizational Behaviour, Long Range Planning, Resource and Energy Economics.


corporate sustainability and employee engagement

Corporate Sustainability and Employee Engagement

While an emerging body of literature investigates the environmental and financial benefits derived from the adoption of corporate sustainability, exactly how these practices impact organizational effectiveness and employee productivity remains…

Recent Publications

Corporate Sustainable Innovation and Employee Behavior

M. Delmas, S. Pekovic

Published Work | 2016 | Journal of Business Ethics

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Resource Efficiency Strategies and Market Conditions

M. Delmas, S. Pekovic

Published Work | 2015 | Long Range Planning

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Environmental standards and labor productivity: Understanding the mechanisms that sustain sustainability

M. Delmas, S. Pekovic

Published Work | 2012 | Journal of Organizational Behavior

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